12th Solo exhibition by Jung-Yeol Ha 2019(상트페테르부르크 "동방의 빛"展)

2019 Jung-Yeol Ha 하정열작가 /상트페테르부르크

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12th Solo exhibition by Jung-Yeol Ha 2019

2019 " East Light "

Area Korean art .

C ovmestnaya Exhibition of Korea - Russia .


When : 2019.7.1 ~ 5

PLACE: Bolshaya by Morskaya Str . 38


Union of Artists Exhibition Hall

reception: 2019.7.1 pm2:00

- A Reserve General, Doctor of the North Korea Studies, and a Professor, Painting Artist, Poet, Novelist

- Artist’s Note: I'm a painting artist and a poet. My dream is to go my own Way as a unique artist who makes the new order of harmony and convergence by combining the philosophy and the material of East and West to the world of Art.

creation of heaven and earth (천지창조) 1 ~ 6

Artist's BIO (Jung-Yeol Ha)

 - A Member of Korean Art Association, a Inviting Artist of National Art Association, a Consultant in several Art Association

- The course of living design in the Fine-arts at Hongik University

- The course of the highest level of modern art at Hongik University

-The Prize of the minister of the Culture and Sports, the grand prize of Korean Arts Exhibition

-The special grand Prize of Shinwon Exhibition's International Arts in Japan that was hosted by Japan Arts Center

- The grand Prize in Painting at 2016 Korea Power Leader Group Award

- The grand Prize in culture at 2017 Korea best Person Award

- The Critical Prize of 13th Osaka Competition, in Japan(2018)

- The grand prize in Painting at 2018 Korea best Person Award

-The outstanding Art Prize of Invitation Artist at 2019 Korean Peace Art Exhibition

- The Art Prize of Invitation Artist at 2019 Muenster International Exhibition in Germany

- The outstanding Artist Award of Mayor of the Carson City, USA in 2019 Annual Art Exhibition

- 11 Times Individual Exhibition, 20 Times International Art Fair, 120 Times Group Exhibition

creation of heaven and earth(천지창조) / 10F / Indian Ink+Oil on korean Paper

creation of heaven and earth(천지창조)/10F/ Indian Ink+Oil on korean Paper

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